Men's Suits Brisbane

Men's Suits Brisbane

Suits on Q by Paul Barry

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Men's Suits Brisbane 

Men's Suits Brisbane


Mens suits have been around since the 17th century and have seen many changes and many incarnations.

 Around this time suit coats were very stiff and had heavy canvas and horse hair in the fronts which made them very boardie and not very comfortable items to wear.

We have seen single- breasted, double-breasted and single breasted with peaked lapels as you might find on a double-breasted suit.

Suit trousers have had a lot of changes with pleats (everything from one pleat to four or more), flat fronts and plus four shorter legs (knee length trouser)styles have also featured.

A classically elegant style with no radical features is the safest bet for longevity and although some more radical features have surfaced from time to time these are often short lived and tend to date fairly quickly.


A lot of cheaper suits nowadays are made with a zonal fusing system, which makes for a lighter constructed garment (or perhaps we should say deconstructed garment). These are sometimes very easy to pick as they can have a tell tale crinkling on the front of the jacket caused by excess heat when being pressed.

Better suits still have floating canvas chest pieces which makes for a cleaner fronted suit coat and makes it much easier to look after and also gives longevity.

Suit trousers are mainly lined to the knee, which makes them more comfortable and enables the fabric to move more easily as you sit down or stand up stopping that clinging feeling.


There has been lots of debate over the years as to the best fabrics to makes suits in and most experts seem to agree that natural fibres win.Men's Suits Brisbane

Wool especially gives breathability, endurance and good looks but you need to understand a few things about wool.

Most wool suits in Australia and New Zealand are made from super 100 to super 130 Merino wool or above, the higher the number the finer the wool.

This does not necessarily translate into longer or harder wear as a super 100 will be more durable than a super 150 fabric.

Synthetic suits have made a comeback in the last few years and tend to be less expensive than the cost of a wool suit.

These suits generally are often used as a first suit, an interview suit or suits for school formals and weddings.


It is a good idea to own a couple of pairs of trousers to avoid continuous wear of the same pair, this allows the fabric to recover and it is recommended to hang trousers full length from the bottoms giving the fabric a chance for any creases to drop out.

Dry clean sparingly, air garments if you have odours clinging to your garments.


Suits on Q by Paul Barry located at Shop 170, Level 1, Myer Centre, 91 Queen Street, Brisbane have a great range of fine pure wool suits at competitive prices with a selection of styles and colours.

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